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The Slender Success program is a non-surgical approach to weight loss. For more than 20 years Dr. Ronald Soderquist (Dr. Ron) has worked with and helped many overweight people. The Slender Success program is a natural outgrowth of their conviction that they can help YOU transform YOUR life.

The clients who come to us have often suffered through years of diet yo-yo cycles. We will together identify and eliminate fears and anxiety responsible for the frustrating yo-yo pattern.

Slender Success therapists will help you identify issues that have blocked your path and give you techniques to quickly remove them. They will guide you into a peaceful resolution of the civil war between your rational mind and that part of you that defies all logic about food and exercise. And you will also learn practical skills for coping with the stresses of life.

Staci Merriott a Slender Success: “I was able to get rid of 184 pounds of fat and have successfully kept it off with the help of Dr. Ron and Slender Success. Because I wanted more out of my life I made a conscious decision to face the issues that were holding me back. There were many people i.e. family, friends and the medical community, who didn’t believe I could do it without weight loss surgery. I proved them wrong and accomplished this monumental feat by making a total lifestyle change that will continue throughout my lifetime.”

Dr. Ron: “In our Slender Success program we help you identify the core issues that have kept you overweight. Since the brain is so much like a computer, these are like viruses in your brain. That’s why “Will Power” alone doesn’t work. Thankfully recent mind/brain research provides powerful strategies for brain change at any age. Through our many techniques, our clients have learned to engage that part of their brain that is stronger than “Will Power”. Our clients’ successes could be YOUR Slender Success story and we are looking forward to helping empower you to transform your life like they did!”


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