If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, there are a number of things you probably already know:

  1. Even though it was recognized by the AMA in 1987 as a medical syndrome, there are no effective medical treatments or medications.
  1. Antidepressants and sleep medications may have been prescribed for you, but they don’t help as much as you need them to and the side-effects are worrisome.       
  1. Sleep is a huge issue for you.
  1. You may also suffer from IBS, migraine headaches and cognitive fog.
  1. You have been to many doctors and are living in a world of pain, fatigue and frustration.

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Why Hypnosis?

In the first 3 sessions we concentrate on sleep. My patients with fibromyalgia tell me that if they can get a good night’s sleep they feel much better the next day, experience much less pain, and have more energy.  Hypnosis is particularly effective for sleep problems because it works with the mind/body connection. When you learn how to quiet your mind, the body relaxes. When you learn to relax your body, your mind is quieted. Many clients experience a great improvement in sleep even after the first session.

Then we concentrate on pain release and pain management. Again, many people have  improvement after the first session. The last section of treatment with hypnosis concentrates on increasing vitality, energy and overall good health.


Free Initial 15-minute phone Consult

This is your opportunity to ask any questions you have to help you decide if you are ready to use hypnosis to get better. If you are ready we make an appointment for our first session.

Fibromyalgia Treatment Plan – In Office

During each session we have time to talk, so I can hear from you what improvement you are having and what you need more help with. In the last half of the session while we are doing hypnosis, I will be recording the session. You will leave the office with a CD of guided hypnosis, customized and designed for you. Each hypnosis session is designed to strengthen and reinforce the changes you are already making and to enable you to continue to move forward in your improvement. Your agreement is to listen to the CD every day until your next session, when we will create a new CD.

Sessions 1 – 3 are held weekly and address pain control and sleep problems only

Sessions 4 – 6 are held two weeks apart

Sessions 7 – 13 can occur every 2 – 3 weeks depending on the needs of the client

Fibromyalgia Treatment Plan – Long Distance

10 to 13 Sessions, The first 3 held one week apart

The next 7 to 13 sessions are held every 2 weeks

Sessions consist of a 30-minute phone consult during which we discuss your symptoms, what you are learning that is helpful, what improvement you are having and what needs more attention. We make an appointment for our next session.

After our phone consult we hang up and I record a 25-minute CD of guided self-hypnosis customized for you. You receive the CD in the mail within a few days. You listen to it every day until our next session.