Fred Lindberg, M.D., Family Practitioner in Thousand Oaks, California, writes:

“Dr. Ron Soderquist has been able to really help many patients of mine with their sleep problems, including some who were ‘addicted’ to sleeping meds for years until he helped them re-learn how to sleep normally and naturally again. One patient remarked, ‘It was like a miracle!’ after he helped her get off her daily Ambien use – for years!”

Here At Westlake Hypnosis, We Help....

Couples & Families learn healthy ways to relate.

Smokers become non smokers in 1 session!

Insomniacs learn to sleep w/"Skills Instead of Pills".

Dr. Treis N. Chesnut, M.D.  writes:
“I have referred a number of patients with sleep problems to Dr. Ron Soderquist and his SLEEP SKILLS CENTER.   Patients report they quickly learn how to put themselves to sleep, using Dr. Ron’s unique SLEEP CIRCLE strategy.  As they learn “sleep skills” they feel empowered and confident they can choose when and where to sleep, regardless of the conditions and without dependence on drugs.  I would highly recommend Dr. Soderquist for anyone with a sleep condition.” 

New mothers overcome Post Partum Depression!

“Dr. Soderquist’s ‘Brief Therapy’ model has also been successful with women suffering from Post Partum Depression.”
Dr. Kenneth L. Saul, M.D., Pediatrician
Thousand Oaks, Ca.
July, 2014

Clients get over their fear of public speaking, flying, needles, heights, elevators and etc.

Clients transform their lives w/Slender Success!

Clients w/IBS get control of their symptoms.

Clients w/Fibromyalgia reduce pain & increase comfort.

Depressed people change their patterns of thinking.

Because recent research has revealed the remarkable plasticity of the brain, we often compare the brain to a computer. Therefore, when the brain has dysfunctional programs, we know how to update the software and install new, positive empowering programs. Sometimes rather quickly!

Dr. Kenneth Saul, M.D. writes:  “I have known Dr. Soderquist for more than 25 years.  I am happy to refer my patients with sleep problems to his SLEEP  SKILLS program.  The following testimonial is typical of his results with children.  He has a way of teaching children, including adolescents, how to become skilled at putting themselves to sleep whenever they choose to do so.  They can even choose to enjoy pleasant dreams instead of having night mares.“

Please take the time to watch our client Ashlie's video of how one of the therapist here at Westlake Hypnosis helped her manage her migraines after 11 years!

Here at Westlake Hypnosis, we believe you have the inner resources to make whatever changes you want to make. It is our responsibility to get you in touch with those resources so you are empowered to change the way you think, feel and act.

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